• ECE – 4363/5363: Optical Engineering, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Every Spring Semester Since 2014).

      This is a senior-level undergraduate and first-year graduate course focusing on the underlying theory and design of optical systems (i.e., microscopes and telescopes). The course will cover (1) Geometrical Optics: Study of basic concept of designing an optical imaging system; (2) Wave (physical) Optics: Study of light polarization, interference, and diffraction, as well as their application in determining the limits of optical system performance and optical grating, holography; (3) Photonics: Study of photoelectrical effect and principal of lasers; and (4) Fourier Optics: Understand the concept of a 4f optical system and study of Fourier optical information processing.

  • ECE – 5973: Medical Imaging Informatics, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Every Fall Semester Since 2016).

      The course focuses on the optimal acquisition of quantitative information or features from the medical images to assist improving efficacy of medical data management, accuracy of disease detection, diagnosis and prognosis assessment. For this purpose, the course will cover a wide range of the topics related to medical image formation and preprocessing, clinical picture archiving and communication system (PACS) system, medical information or feature retrieval, computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) of medical images, observer preference or performance study, as well as the statistical data analysis methods to evaluate function of the medical imaging informatics schemes or systems and their impact on performance of the clinicians (radiologists) in disease detection and diagnosis.

  • ECE – 6213: Optical Information Processing, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Fall Semester of 2013, 2014, 2016).

      The course focuses on teaching the application of Fourier transforms, linear systems and optical wave diffraction theory to the analysis of optical imaging and information processing systems. The emphasis is placed on the use of optical systems for information processing, including image enhancement, pattern recognition, data processing, optical switching and computing. The prerequisites for this course include ECE 5213 and ECE 5353, or having the basic knowledge in Fourier analysis and linear system theory.